Thursday, December 6, 2012

Top Reasons You Should Attend The Holiday Sip n' Shop

So if you're on the fence this weekend about attending the Holiday Sip n' Shop here are some good reasons to attend.

You are One in a Hundred Trillion
There is about a 1 in 100, 985,678, 467,234 chance someone will have your outfit.  Hit us up for your holiday looks because if I see another sequin dress from Zara, I’m going to pull my eyes out.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Has Become a Hipster Phenom
Hipster or not, I’ve got that ugly Christmas  sweater work.

You will be the Talk of The Town
Your outfit will garner you a myriad of compliments and will probably start a healthy conversation on style and fashion and even if you think you're boring , everyone will think you’re opinion is on the same level as a Vogue editor just because you’re wearing vintage.

 One Stop Accessorize and Gifting
Precious stone jewelry designer Dee Lioness will be there as well and once you get a great outfit you’ll be able to get accessories as well. Even better, if you haven’t gotten your assistant/mother-in-law/baby sitter a gift you’ll have a chance and you won’t break the bank.

Bragging Rights
 Reason #2 is a more modest reason but real talk, when you look fabulous it creates a euphoric high like no other. On top of that you’re wearing something cool, environmentally savvy and of course stylish. So when you say I’m wearing Vintage Shaun you are supporting a  small  sustainable business. Now go run and tell that.

It’s For A Good Cause
We are native New Yorkers. The devastation of Hurricane Sandy affected  us directly or indirectly. A portion of the proceeds will go to several charities dedicated specifically to Hurricane Sandy victims.

Ever Heard Of Shaungria
Next to vintage clothing, we are huge lovers of cocktails and while tinkering in the bar/kitchen one day we created our secret signature cocktail called the Shaungria. It is such an amazing drink that it is known to boost your sense of style.

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Vintage Shaun

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