Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mamie and the Hotel Theresa

The woman on the right, holding the gloves in her hand is my grandmother Mamie, who passed away last October. Funny, when you see your parents or older family members you never think of them as anything than the age you met them. To see my grandmother, in the picture looking like a starlet who could give Lena Horne a run for her money, leaves me with a sweet memory that took until her passing for me to unearth.  

 The image was taken at the Hotel Theresa probably around 1955. The woman on the left with the white collar  is my grandmother's aunt, Sara who was her guardian here in New York when my grandmother decided to relocate. During that era, the Hotel Theresa was dubbed   the Waldorf of Harlem and was an epicenter of African American social life.  In 1960,  Fidel Castro came to the opening session of the United Nations and after an altercation at the Shelburne in Midtown, he and entourage came to the Hotel Theresa and were welcomed.

This image is not only of two young women having a night out, but of migrants from the South,  two women who were in their twenties and had not married but were working and enjoying life.  They were working and enjoying a night out in a sectioned off part of New York where Blacks were allowed. Before the Civil Rights Movement, before bottle service, before husbands, before mortgages,  before the gentrification of Harlem, there was Mamie and Sara enjoying a night out in taffeta gowns.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Old School Love

We are coming into wedding season and what would be better than a few lovely vintage shots of couples on their first day as husband and wife.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Second Time Is A Charm

April showers bring May shoppers. The Spring Vintage Shaun  and Dee Lioness Pop Up Shop took place from May 3 through May 9th in Greenpoint Brooklyn and was the destination for vintage lovers and accessories addicts. To add to the fun and fashionable fete, were the sponsors who elevated the Pop-Up and allowed customers to have a hospitable experience. Belvoir Fruit Farms, Caribaya Rum Punch, Carpingo and Pop Chips provided the beverages, cocktails, transportation and snacks in the shop, granting customers a larger than life retail experience. Check out the images below from photographer Aisha Ude and make sure you follow us @VintageShaun  for more events this summer.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bloggers Unite to Kick Off First Ever Sip n’ Style at the Vintage Shaun and Dee Lioness Spring Pop up Shop

From left to right: Annika Harris, Shaunya Hartley, Lucy Norris and Keisha Bloise 

Last evening, Annika Harris of UPTOWN  Magazine, Keisha Bloise of Beauty n’ Curlz and Lucy Norris of On Deck with Lucy were on hand as the blogger hosts for the very first Sip n’ Style at the  Vintage Shaun  and Dee Lioness Spring Pop Up Shop in Greenpoint , Brooklyn.
Each blogger brought their own personal touch on styling a piece from the Vintage Shaun collection in addition to wearing  a handcrafted piece from contemporary jewelry designer Dee Lioness.    Some of the vintage  pieces curated by the bloggers  included a 1980s cream silk  damask print wrap dress  from Argenti which was in the Annika Harris collection. A peach silk ruffled blouse from the 1970s was part of Keisha Boise’s collection and a black and white beaded evening top from the 1960s was a favorite of Lucy Norris. 

 Guests  were treated to an educational yet fun shopping experience.  The complimentary cocktail of the evening, the Brooklyn Storm, was provided by Georgi Vodka and Caribaya Rum Punch.  For those not partaking in cocktails, Belvoir Fruit Farms was on hand with their organic presses, a refreshing mixture of fruit and sparkling water which was a hit and complimented the pop chips that were also on hand as the snack sponsor.

The evening was highlighted on numerous social media outlets using the hashtag #SipnStyle and both the bloggers and attendees made posting, fun and fashionable.  If you were unable to  attend the   Sip n’ Style, but still want to get your vintage fix,  you have until  until Friday March 9th  to stop by the Vintage Shaun and Dee Lioness Pop Up Shop  at 110 Meserole Avenue,Brooklyn, New York 11222.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Style Profile: Annika Harris the Vintage Diva

We've saved the best for last with our style profile on Annika Harris, Associate Editor of UptownMagazine.com. Actually, we have a bias for Annika as she was one of the earliest Vintage Shaun clients. With her unique and amazing sense of style, this native New Yorker is a mastermind of mixing vintage with a modern day pieces with effort and ease. Before meeting Annika tonight at the Sip n' Style, get to know Annika's very own theory on her personal  style  and look out for this Vintage loving epic fashionista this evening.

Describe your style
My style is a hybrid of super femininity and edgy masculinity with glamorous touches and a little ghetto-fab thrown in.

Favorite item in your closet?
 Can my shoe collection be considered one item? 

Why do you like vintage?
 I like wearing vintage clothing because there's no fear of seeing another woman in my outfit; each garment is unique. Plus, who doesn't love a retro moment?

Favorite vintage item?
 My favorite vintage item is a half-moon, birdcage-style purse my mom saved from the '70s. It's the only vintage item she preserved and handed down to me.

What tips do you have for people buying vintage?
 My number one tip is: If you like it, try it on. Sizing has changed over the decades, so you can't believe the labels. Another tip is to check seams for holes or pulls. Buttons can always be changed. And also, check armpits for stains because no amount of cleaning will remove yellow stains from vintage clothing.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Vintage Tips From Lucy Norris of On Deck With Lucy

One more day and counting until we kick off the Sip n' Style with our super fashionable hosts, Keisha Bloise of Beauty n' Curlz who we profiled yesterday, Annika Harris of UptownMagazine.com and today we profile Lucy Norris of On  Deck with Lucy.  Let's get to know Lucy and her stylish insight and look out for her tomorrow evening at the Vintage Shaun Pop Up Shop.

Describe your style?
I would describe my style as classic, ladylike and 50's inspired. I love glamorous looks that make an impact and have a wow factor, however I also like a good bargain hence why I am such a huge thrifter and vintage lover.

Favorite item in your closet?
A black tulle cocktail dress my boyfriend brought me 5 years ago. I have so many happy memories wearing this item and it's a piece that will stay in my closet for ever. Ruffled halter neck, big full skirt and a beautiful black bow that wraps around the waist. My love for this dress will never go out of fashion.

 Why do you like vintage?
I believe that outfits should tell a story. Dressing is a form of expression and when shopping vintage not only are you able to combine your looks with one of a kind pieces you are also you are telling somebody else s story as well as your own. I could get lost in a vintage store- It's my happy place and I just love the idea of combining someone else's fashion experience with my own.

 Favorite vintage item?
It would have to be a 50's white halter dress. Very Marilyn Monroe without being too literal. I found the item in a thrift store in Midtown and whenever I wear this dress I feel like a real woman. Very feminine yet still sexy and confident.....the truth is I have yet to wear this to an event- I am still waiting for the perfect opportunity. Instead of wearing it out I put on this dress when I am choosing other outfits for an event.  It puts me in a good frame of mind before trying on the rest of my closet.

What tips do you have for people buying vintage

My mom has always influenced my style and taught me how to shop thrift and vintage at a very young age. Her approach is to always look at the quality of something- think of these pieces as investments and ask yourself "Is this an item that will retain it's value? Is it timeless? if the answer is yes, you have found yourself a bargain.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Sip n' Style with Keisha Bloise of Beauty n' Curlz

This Wednesday we are kicking off  the first ever Sip n' Style event at the Vintage Shaun Spring Pop Up Shop. We were lucky enough to have  three amazing and stylish ladies; Annika Harris of UptownMagazine.com, Keisha Bloise of Beauty n' Curlz and Lucy Norris of On Deck with Lucy for stylish conversation on my favorite topic- vintage.  They will be on hand Wednesday evening to provide fashion tips and also discuss their love of vintage. But first, let's get to know Keisha of Beauty n' Curlz with her style profile below and look out for her at the Sip n' Style this Wednesday.

 Describe your style
My style is definitely edgy. I try to get key pieces that reflect my individuality. I have always loved unique pieces that stand me out from the crowd, so I look far from ordinary. I like to call myself a chameleon; I like to constantly change my look and style.  Who wants to be boring?! I love for my style to reflect my mood for the day dependent on comfort, event, etc.  When I dress up and show out, I allow my confidence to shine and be my best accessory. If you don’t feel or look like you are confident in what you wear, then who will?!

 Favorite item in your closet?
I have so many, to narrow it down to just one is pretty hard. My favorite item in my closet would have to be my cheetah print blazer. It has shoulder pads, which gives emphasis, and I love how it is cut. Plus, cheetah print is my all-time favorite because it's daring...rawrrr!

 Why do you like vintage?
I adore thrift/ vintage pieces because it allows me to play dress up with a dated piece of clothing. I feel like I can go back in time for a second and bring a modern type feel.  The options for vintage are endless; I can tailor it or transform it into my vision. Whatever it is, vintage fashion is exactly that, classic and unique!

 Favorite vintage item?
My favorite vintage item is a fur jacket that I received from my boyfriend’s grandmother. I transformed it into a vest. I love the caramel color and knowing no one will have this, but me. It’s real jazzy!

 What tips do you have for people buying vintage.

Some tips include: examining the article clothing for deficiencies that cannot be fixed (this will eliminate you wasting your money), think outside the box (if any item does not fit, you can always get it tailored or transform the item into what you desire), and make sure you try on (I hate this part, but when shopping vintage this is an absolute must).