Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mad Style

I am a proud fan of the critically acclaimed television show Mad Men.  Between the in depth plot lines, the Adonis looks of Jon Hamm who plays, main character Don Draper and of course the stunning and vivid costumes.  The three leading ladies truly carry the show regarding their fashion sense.  Between the sexy Joan, the perky Peggy or the Grace Kelly inspired Betty Draper it is a vintage lover's treasure chest.  Janie Bryant, the costume designer for the show recently released a style guide "The Fashion File: Advice, Tips and Inspiration From the Costume Designer of Mad Men."  With a bit of her own southern belle background mixed in with her love of old Hollywood glamour, Fashion File is a great read and a visual stunner. If you are looking for ways to work vintage into your wardrobe with a modern twist, or a major Mad Men nerd, pick up The Fashion File for your fashion fix.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vintage Mom Part One

I love being inspired by other bloggers, My Mom, the Style Icon is one of my favorite blogs. It combines nostalgia, vintage style and an ode to motherhood. In our youth driven culture that worships all the soon to be screw ups on Nickelodeon and Disney, I find Piper Weiss' blog and soon to be released book, such a refreshing form of media.  It also had me thinking about my own mother  and how she influenced not only my DNA and personality, but also my own personal style and of course love for vintage clothing.  So here are a few pictures of my lovely  but never silent partner back in the day.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Sale

Vintage Shaun
Hey guys use this coupon code SPRINGSHAUN on the site and save 35% off of everything, in addition if you purchase more than $100 you get free shipping, so head on over to Vintage Shaun and get the shopping!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Say Hello To My Vintage Friend

Vintage & I go way back, so far back that I wasn't even thought of yet. We have a serious relationship to the point of obsession.
Jeneen Nicole

To be honest with you there are very very few folks whose personal style I  truly admire. Vintage lover, blogger and all around fly girl Jeneen Nicole, happens to be one chic chica who I can truly say has a lust worthy wardrobe.  Jeneen is that super cool sister who can enjoy a good sale, a crabfest and pass on all that information.  Here at Vintage Shaun, Jeneen is on iconic status, her vintage finds  are epic. When the weather warms up I plan to take a trip to Jeneen's hometown and hopefully score some amazing vintage finds. Take a look at Jeneen's stunning images and let's poke into this stylista's mind.

 My love affair with vintage  started sometime ago, wayyyy before it became a popular sport. My grandma would take me to every flea market and thrift shop known to Baltimore. She was a huntress, and her craft was to find great items at super cheap prices. I didn't appreciate the value and  skills she was secretly passing on to me.  Of course, only later did I realize that.   I love the smell and the hunt of vintage.  The best thing is that  vintage is a timeless treasure that will never go out of style.

Some of the best places to find vintage are NYC of course (you get a bang for your buck), Newport News has a row of thrift finds, the vintage pieces sell for a lot less. Paris has amazing stores with prices ranging from 1-3 Euros.  Right now, Baltimore/DC is the next hottest mark on the map to find vintage. Such a variety with prices ranging from 50 cents and up.

I received a dope beaded necklace (considered the conversation piece at a house party) via Vintage Shaun that I am absolutely in love with. I've paired it up with sweaters and layers of other vintage/thrift finds. My other favorite piece (last but not least) was (because it was sold) the 1970's vintage signed print wool maxi dress, I promise it was sold within 5 minutes of being posted to etsy....I cried for a few days, but quickly got over it when I realized that there's so much more to obsess over via the Vintage Shaun  line!! I can't help myself I love vintage it's a way of life!

When you get a chance, check out more of Jeneen's fab finds on her blog here and don't forget to follow her on twitter @jeneennicole.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Smashing Sip n Shop

After four date changes, quite a few location issues and a myriad of nervous breakdowns, the kick off to Vintage Shaun's Sip n' Shop finally took place this past Saturday.  Held at the Nu Hotel in Downtown Brooklyn, what seemed like a boatload of vintage loving fashionable ladies and gents had full reign of the entire Vintage Shaun collection at their disposable. While the very attractive crowd looked through the racks of smashing pieces from the 1950's- 1980's they sipped on mimosas provided by Ariel Vineyards. It was a beautiful day to Sip n Shop, much thanks to everyone who came out, the Nu Hotel,  Ariel Vineyards for supplying the Sparkling Wine, the photographer, Gloria Baskins  and a huge huge thank you to the entire staff for the amazing support and hard work! Stay posted for the Spring Sip n Shop to be announced soon.

All photos courtesy of Gloria Baskin