Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Say Hello To My Vintage Friend

Vintage & I go way back, so far back that I wasn't even thought of yet. We have a serious relationship to the point of obsession.
Jeneen Nicole

To be honest with you there are very very few folks whose personal style I  truly admire. Vintage lover, blogger and all around fly girl Jeneen Nicole, happens to be one chic chica who I can truly say has a lust worthy wardrobe.  Jeneen is that super cool sister who can enjoy a good sale, a crabfest and pass on all that information.  Here at Vintage Shaun, Jeneen is on iconic status, her vintage finds  are epic. When the weather warms up I plan to take a trip to Jeneen's hometown and hopefully score some amazing vintage finds. Take a look at Jeneen's stunning images and let's poke into this stylista's mind.

 My love affair with vintage  started sometime ago, wayyyy before it became a popular sport. My grandma would take me to every flea market and thrift shop known to Baltimore. She was a huntress, and her craft was to find great items at super cheap prices. I didn't appreciate the value and  skills she was secretly passing on to me.  Of course, only later did I realize that.   I love the smell and the hunt of vintage.  The best thing is that  vintage is a timeless treasure that will never go out of style.

Some of the best places to find vintage are NYC of course (you get a bang for your buck), Newport News has a row of thrift finds, the vintage pieces sell for a lot less. Paris has amazing stores with prices ranging from 1-3 Euros.  Right now, Baltimore/DC is the next hottest mark on the map to find vintage. Such a variety with prices ranging from 50 cents and up.

I received a dope beaded necklace (considered the conversation piece at a house party) via Vintage Shaun that I am absolutely in love with. I've paired it up with sweaters and layers of other vintage/thrift finds. My other favorite piece (last but not least) was (because it was sold) the 1970's vintage signed print wool maxi dress, I promise it was sold within 5 minutes of being posted to etsy....I cried for a few days, but quickly got over it when I realized that there's so much more to obsess over via the Vintage Shaun  line!! I can't help myself I love vintage it's a way of life!

When you get a chance, check out more of Jeneen's fab finds on her blog here and don't forget to follow her on twitter @jeneennicole.

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