Friday, August 30, 2013

Ask Vintage Shaun: The Chanel Debate

This came into my inbox a few weeks ago and I got swamped so I apologize Mina!

Hey! So I have this vintage quilted chain necklace. I've had it authenticated but they offered very little for it. Is it worth keeping or should I sell?

Chanel anything makes ears perk, especially when it comes to vintage. However, when it comes to vintage Chanel jewelry the pieces that move the most are usually logo based. Logos are not just a hood fab necessity, logos are cultural reference points and status symbols across both  generations and cultures.  With saying, your piece has Chanel insignia  on top part of the charm combined with classic vintage  elements of a thick chain but the current market isn't offering huge amounts for Chanel jewelry. In the age of eBay, the market gets flooded with high end goods and looses it's cache. Add that to the fact the piece isn't a large logo piece the size of Ghostface Killa's chain and the market may not be in your favor right now. Here's some style advice, don't sell it keep it as a true heirloom, appreciate the fact you have a pretty classic piece. Keep treasures close to you. How many people do you know with vintage Chanel?

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Ask Vintage Shaun

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cut It Out

If anyone ever tells you vintage clothing can't be sexy, this dress will make them eat their words. As a matter of fact, if anyone tells you vintage makes you look old and dowdy, this dress will make them eat a buffet of their verbal opinion. you eat your words. A mid 1980s cocktail dress with amazing back cutouts, this dress is a sexy showstopper. I picked this up in July, wandering  in one of my favorite thrift shops, I saw it  from about fifty feet away- no lie, and I hauled some serious ass to get to it before anyone could even get interested in it. When I say I hauled ass, I actually had a raised heart beat as I put some serious cardio into retrieving this off the rack. In a matter of less than ten seconds, I jumped over a screaming toddler, politely nudged two older women and blocked a rather stylish looking thrifter from getting around me all to avoid missing out on this stunning number. Look, no one can ever tell me I lack passion. It's a size medium, it's super form flattering and if you want it,  stay tuned for this sexy number to appear at the next Sip n Shop  with details to come very soon.