Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cut It Out

If anyone ever tells you vintage clothing can't be sexy, this dress will make them eat their words. As a matter of fact, if anyone tells you vintage makes you look old and dowdy, this dress will make them eat a buffet of their verbal opinion. you eat your words. A mid 1980s cocktail dress with amazing back cutouts, this dress is a sexy showstopper. I picked this up in July, wandering  in one of my favorite thrift shops, I saw it  from about fifty feet away- no lie, and I hauled some serious ass to get to it before anyone could even get interested in it. When I say I hauled ass, I actually had a raised heart beat as I put some serious cardio into retrieving this off the rack. In a matter of less than ten seconds, I jumped over a screaming toddler, politely nudged two older women and blocked a rather stylish looking thrifter from getting around me all to avoid missing out on this stunning number. Look, no one can ever tell me I lack passion. It's a size medium, it's super form flattering and if you want it,  stay tuned for this sexy number to appear at the next Sip n Shop  with details to come very soon.

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