Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Style Profile: Annika Harris the Vintage Diva

We've saved the best for last with our style profile on Annika Harris, Associate Editor of Actually, we have a bias for Annika as she was one of the earliest Vintage Shaun clients. With her unique and amazing sense of style, this native New Yorker is a mastermind of mixing vintage with a modern day pieces with effort and ease. Before meeting Annika tonight at the Sip n' Style, get to know Annika's very own theory on her personal  style  and look out for this Vintage loving epic fashionista this evening.

Describe your style
My style is a hybrid of super femininity and edgy masculinity with glamorous touches and a little ghetto-fab thrown in.

Favorite item in your closet?
 Can my shoe collection be considered one item? 

Why do you like vintage?
 I like wearing vintage clothing because there's no fear of seeing another woman in my outfit; each garment is unique. Plus, who doesn't love a retro moment?

Favorite vintage item?
 My favorite vintage item is a half-moon, birdcage-style purse my mom saved from the '70s. It's the only vintage item she preserved and handed down to me.

What tips do you have for people buying vintage?
 My number one tip is: If you like it, try it on. Sizing has changed over the decades, so you can't believe the labels. Another tip is to check seams for holes or pulls. Buttons can always be changed. And also, check armpits for stains because no amount of cleaning will remove yellow stains from vintage clothing.

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