Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Vintage Tips From Lucy Norris of On Deck With Lucy

One more day and counting until we kick off the Sip n' Style with our super fashionable hosts, Keisha Bloise of Beauty n' Curlz who we profiled yesterday, Annika Harris of UptownMagazine.com and today we profile Lucy Norris of On  Deck with Lucy.  Let's get to know Lucy and her stylish insight and look out for her tomorrow evening at the Vintage Shaun Pop Up Shop.

Describe your style?
I would describe my style as classic, ladylike and 50's inspired. I love glamorous looks that make an impact and have a wow factor, however I also like a good bargain hence why I am such a huge thrifter and vintage lover.

Favorite item in your closet?
A black tulle cocktail dress my boyfriend brought me 5 years ago. I have so many happy memories wearing this item and it's a piece that will stay in my closet for ever. Ruffled halter neck, big full skirt and a beautiful black bow that wraps around the waist. My love for this dress will never go out of fashion.

 Why do you like vintage?
I believe that outfits should tell a story. Dressing is a form of expression and when shopping vintage not only are you able to combine your looks with one of a kind pieces you are also you are telling somebody else s story as well as your own. I could get lost in a vintage store- It's my happy place and I just love the idea of combining someone else's fashion experience with my own.

 Favorite vintage item?
It would have to be a 50's white halter dress. Very Marilyn Monroe without being too literal. I found the item in a thrift store in Midtown and whenever I wear this dress I feel like a real woman. Very feminine yet still sexy and confident.....the truth is I have yet to wear this to an event- I am still waiting for the perfect opportunity. Instead of wearing it out I put on this dress when I am choosing other outfits for an event.  It puts me in a good frame of mind before trying on the rest of my closet.

What tips do you have for people buying vintage

My mom has always influenced my style and taught me how to shop thrift and vintage at a very young age. Her approach is to always look at the quality of something- think of these pieces as investments and ask yourself "Is this an item that will retain it's value? Is it timeless? if the answer is yes, you have found yourself a bargain.

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