Monday, May 5, 2014

Sip n' Style with Keisha Bloise of Beauty n' Curlz

This Wednesday we are kicking off  the first ever Sip n' Style event at the Vintage Shaun Spring Pop Up Shop. We were lucky enough to have  three amazing and stylish ladies; Annika Harris of, Keisha Bloise of Beauty n' Curlz and Lucy Norris of On Deck with Lucy for stylish conversation on my favorite topic- vintage.  They will be on hand Wednesday evening to provide fashion tips and also discuss their love of vintage. But first, let's get to know Keisha of Beauty n' Curlz with her style profile below and look out for her at the Sip n' Style this Wednesday.

 Describe your style
My style is definitely edgy. I try to get key pieces that reflect my individuality. I have always loved unique pieces that stand me out from the crowd, so I look far from ordinary. I like to call myself a chameleon; I like to constantly change my look and style.  Who wants to be boring?! I love for my style to reflect my mood for the day dependent on comfort, event, etc.  When I dress up and show out, I allow my confidence to shine and be my best accessory. If you don’t feel or look like you are confident in what you wear, then who will?!

 Favorite item in your closet?
I have so many, to narrow it down to just one is pretty hard. My favorite item in my closet would have to be my cheetah print blazer. It has shoulder pads, which gives emphasis, and I love how it is cut. Plus, cheetah print is my all-time favorite because it's daring...rawrrr!

 Why do you like vintage?
I adore thrift/ vintage pieces because it allows me to play dress up with a dated piece of clothing. I feel like I can go back in time for a second and bring a modern type feel.  The options for vintage are endless; I can tailor it or transform it into my vision. Whatever it is, vintage fashion is exactly that, classic and unique!

 Favorite vintage item?
My favorite vintage item is a fur jacket that I received from my boyfriend’s grandmother. I transformed it into a vest. I love the caramel color and knowing no one will have this, but me. It’s real jazzy!

 What tips do you have for people buying vintage.

Some tips include: examining the article clothing for deficiencies that cannot be fixed (this will eliminate you wasting your money), think outside the box (if any item does not fit, you can always get it tailored or transform the item into what you desire), and make sure you try on (I hate this part, but when shopping vintage this is an absolute must).

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