Monday, October 14, 2013

Intro to Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing isn't always an easy sell. I've had my fair share of possible customers who are intimidated by old clothes. Sometimes it's the boldness that freaks them out in our very casual dressed culture of today. Sometimes it's the fact that it was previously worn by someone that creeps people out. They are all understandable hang ups that I try to understand and still coax a sell out of those that have apprehensions.  If you are new to vintage but not sure how to or what to buy, here are a few tips to get you to become a connoisseur.

Start Small

Whether you're buying stocks, real estate or anything else you are new to, start small. Your first vintage purchase should never be a red fox gown length cape, unless you are someone who just  jumps into anything. Start off with small baubles, costume jewelry is always great for beginners. Go for a brooch, a bracelet or a cocktail ring. Vintage jewelry is almost always great statement pieces and conversation starters.

Banging Bags

After costume jewelry, vintage bags are the next step up. The clutches and frame bags of decades before us can really add some uumph to your wardrobe.  Usually smaller in size in comparison to modern day luggage like totes, the classic bags from the 1950s and 60s are delicate ladylike and just enough room for a night out necessities.

Belt It

A fierce belt can add massive wattage to an outfit. Whether they are skinny or large,vintage belts adds a hint of sophistication, creating shape to shapeless dresses and baggy coats.  Belts very rarely look vintage and can give your wardrobe great range and will get a myriad of wears.

Coat It

Yes, I jumped from accessories to coats but vintage outerwear is very seductive even to a vintage newbie. Whether it's army/navy, fur or classic wool in Gotham City, your coat is part armor, part fashion statement.  Go into stores today and its the same styles on the rack.  Vintage outerwear is always glam and practical at the same time.

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  1. I agree with vintage clothes being glam and practical. I have a few collection of vintage stuff, vintage clothing. Yes, some of them may really define boldness and there are people who are not ready for that kind of boldness but i guess it's all about confidence and how you carry yourself. You've got cool tips here. I also love vintage coats and bags.