Monday, July 7, 2014

Reading is Fundamental

Collecting and selling vintage also means constantly educating yourself. I like to think of this position as one of a curator and a historian. The best vintage sellers don't just tell you how pretty a piece is, they have to know the decade or even better the year give or take that a piece is from. A great vintage dealer can call out an icon of that era, Marilyn, Jackie, Diana and you'll know you are wearing a little piece of history.

I recently picked up Icons Of Vintage Fashion: Definitive Designer Classics at Auction 1900-1990 an amazing encyclopedia of iconic pieces of fashion sold at auction to museums as well as personal collectors.  There are over one thousand pieces photographed in the book showcasing, a historical timeline of silhouettes and fabrics. There are original from such designers as Dior, Givenchy and Schiaperlli with thier actual namesakes. A combination of ready to wear and couture as well as high end accessories by Chanel and Hermes, this comprehensive vintage auction bible is excellent for designers, students and geeks like myself.  If you want to understand the historical as well as commercial value of high end vintage and also learn about form and shapes from decade to decade, this book is excellent.

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  1. I don't sell vintage anymore, but collect and write about it. I think of myself as a bit of a curator and historian as well. I not only like vintage fashion, but swing dancing, homestyle and vintage recipes and crafts! I've even written a fictional swing dance novel. This book looks fab! Thanks for the recommendation!

    ~ Tam Francis ~