Saturday, November 1, 2014

Me and Bonnie

Last week was the Manhattan Vintage Clothing  Show, It has been about four years since I went to the last one but, I had to make it this year because they were highlighting American sportswear designer Bonnie Cashin who in the vintage collector community, Cashin designs are in the top five.

Before Halston, or Donna Karan Bonnie Cashin was the lead designer for the infamous leather goods brand Coach. Many of her designs and trademarks are seen in numerous designs in present day. The Bonnie Cashin look was relaxed, layered composed of  luxurious fabrics.

Disclosure, I had no intention on buying anything but, this Bonnie Cashin for Saks Fifth Avenue coat had to be purchased. Why- it was beautiful, the price was right and it would have haunted me for years had I not bought it.  

This was my first Bonnie Cashin piece and sorry guys, I'm not selling it. It's going in the Vintage Shaun archives.  Follow me on Instagram this winter to see me and Bonnie take over the world.

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