Friday, March 29, 2013

The Coat

photo courtesy of Hannan Saleh and

Vintage Givenchy Sport Blue Wool/Mohair Belted Coat circa mid 1980s.

Some girls are bag addicts and of course  there are the shoe lovers. Now  I won't say I'm not either of those but,  I truly have a love and borderline addiction in a good way for coats. In New York, it's not about your car or your home when you ride the subway most of the time and  apartments are smaller than ant farms, your coat is a status symbol. It doesn't have to be fur or exotic, although I don't object to that, your coat just has to have a splash of color, a great cut and a twist on the traditional and oh yeah it has to be warm.  Are you a coat head, how many coats do you own? 

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