Monday, January 6, 2014

Why January Is The Best Month To Buy Vintage

Vintage collectors are always on the hunt, there is no vacation for collectors as  we use every trip to a new place as a way to  scour something. With saying, there are times when I am in overdrive, hitting all of my favorite spots in one day, using weekend excursions as ways to do "research" in complete and utter beast mode. Then there are times that I lay low or grow bored with my usual connects, maybe picking up one piece here or there  but not falling in love with a piece but January has to be the most wonderful time of the year for vintage clothing.

Think about it, people clean out their closets and donate to their local thrifts stores for that end of the year  tax deduction.  Gracious Family members who have received ugly hand-me downs or gifts they would rather donate than wear out of obligation have descended upon your thrift stores with gusto. Cleaning out closets during winter break, massive personal wardrobe  purges, estate sales etc. these is a surge in all of those during the last month of the year making for us vintage curators to marvel in treasures that don't happen in May or June.

As this is the first Monday this January, let's kick off the year with a vintage r thrift store drive buy and feast your eyes on a nice vintage piece for the New Year. 

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