Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What is Modern Vintage

Before I started collecting and selling vintage, I was always intrigued by any piece that resembled fashions from decades before. Whether it was  the style, shape or fabric,  I was always attracted to new clothing with a vintage twist.  Some of the most popular brands of today have very strong ties to vintage fashion and a strong majority of their vision is inspired by the culture and fashion from the 20th century. Let's look at a few designers/brands that get the definition of modern vintage just right. 

Tracy Reese

J. Crew



Tory Burch 

Kate Spade

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  1. Vintage is going to always be modern! A few days ago I saw a hotel in NYC, which has its room designed in vintage. I'm not sure about the name, since my meeting often are organized at different places, but you can surely find it on Cheap hotels in NYC

    Best regards!

    P.S.: Love the first dress!